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Welcome, developers of the world. Here you’ll find everything you need to integrate with Paysafe.

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Build Payment & Wallet Solutions

Accept payments online or set up your own digital wallet solution.

  • Payments API icon

    Payments API

    Connect your application to our REST-based Payments API to process payments. Uses a single endpoint integration for multiple payments methods.

  • Checkout icon

    Paysafe Checkout

    Add our customizable and secure Checkout with a single integration. Accept multiple payment methods while minimizing your security and PCI compliance requirements.

  • Code icon

    Paysafe JS

    Embed our payment form into your website. Provides a secure way to capture sensitive data, and takes care of your PCI compliance.

  • Wallet icon

    Embedded Wallets

    Set up a digital wallet solution so that your customers can seamlessly add, spend and withdraw money.

Create Onboarding Solutions

Initiate merchant-based payments by adding automated onboarding solutions to your software platform. Our onboarding solutions will help to create merchant, seller and supplier accounts. Define your own merchant experience with our Applications API or keep things simple and onboard your customers with our ready made onboarding form.

  • Applications API

    Create a white-labelled merchant onboarding experience using a single REST-based API call. You can tailor your user experience to your business, using client information you have already collected and verified. Additionally, benefit from our Batch Applications API for onboarding merchants in bulk, and our Account Migration Toolkit to migrate and onboard your existing customers to Paysafe.

  • Simplified Onboarding

    Enable your customers with payments using our simplified onboarding process. No development time is needed - simply use our ready-made online application form. We manage the infrastructure and account approval. If required, we can also provide a white-labelled experience with on point branding.

Paysafe Developer Articles

News and insights about Paysafe, our products and the payments industry.

  • How to accept credit card payments

    Learn all about getting set up to accept credit card payments, acceptance methods, the steps involved in a transaction, and pricing so that you can make an informed decision when choosing a provider.

  • What is PayFac as a Service?

    In this informational article, we discuss everything you need to know about how PayFac as a Service can benefit your business without the investment, risk and compliance overhead associated with becoming a fully registered PayFac.



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