Account Updater Overview

Some changes to credit card account information are unpredictable, such as account closures, upgrades to new card products, and cards that are lost or stolen. Such outdated information can lead to card transactions being declined, resulting in inconvenience for e-commerce merchants, particularly if they are processing recurring, scheduled transactions.

To avoid these situations, and to avoid having to find out from cardholders whether and when their card information has changed, merchants can subscribe to the Paysafe Account Updater service, which enables them to request and receive credit card number and expiry date updates from Visa and Mastercard for customer accounts they have on file.

Only Visa and Mastercard participate in the Account Updater program. If a card is from a different issuer, a "no match" or an error is returned.

The Account Updater service queries the card issuer, which responds with a decision code that summarizes the status of the card; for example, that the account has been closed, or that the expiry date has changed (the new date is in the response). For a complete list of responses, see Response file decision codes.

Paysafe offers the following Account Updater service options:

  • Customer profile option, where Paysafe automatically updates the payment card information in the customer profiles that it stores. This ensures that none of your scheduled billing records will fail as a result of, for example, an expired credit card. Every merchant is subscribed to this option.
  • File-based option, where you the merchant securely upload files containing payment card data to Paysafe, which replies with any updated card information (for example, new expiry dates) that you can then use to update your own records.

When you sign up for the Account Updater service, if you have customer profile records stored by Paysafe they are automatically updated. You can then choose whether to use the file-based option, but you cannot opt out of the customer profile option.

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