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Test Cards

You can use any of the following test card numbers to test the 3D Secure 2 API.

Do not use real card numbers or other payment instrument details in the Merchant Test environment. It is not compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), and does not protect cardholder/payee information. Any upload of real cardholder data is strictly prohibited, as described in the Terms of Use.

Expiry Date

When using the test card numbers, you can use any date in the future for the expiry date (e.g., 11/27).


You can use any 3 (or 4 for Amex cards) digit number for the CVV in the merchant test environment. However, if you wish to generate a specific CVV match response, you will need to use the following values.

3D Secure 2.0 Test Cards

Card Type 3DS 2.0 Test Cards threeDResult before challenge Status before Challenge threeDResult after challenge Status after challenge
Visa 4000000000001026 A COMPLETED N/A N/A
4000000000001091 C PENDING Y COMPLETED
4000000000001109 C PENDING N COMPLETED
4000000000001117 C PENDING U COMPLETED
4000000000001067 Error N/A N/A N/A
4000000000001083 N/A FAILED N/A N/A
4000000000001018 N COMPLETED N/A N/A
4000000000001042 R COMPLETED N/A N/A
4000000000001059 U COMPLETED N/A N/A
4000000000001000 Y COMPLETED N/A N/A
Master Card 5200000000001021 A COMPLETED N/A N/A
5200000000001104 C PENDING N COMPLETED
5200000000001096 C PENDING Y COMPLETED
5200000000001112 C PENDING U COMPLETED
5200000000001062 Error N/A N/A N/A
5200000000001088 N/A FAILED N/A N/A
5200000000001013 N COMPLETED N/A N/A
5200000000001047 R COMPLETED N/A N/A
5200000000001039 U COMPLETED N/A N/A
5200000000001005 Y COMPLETED N/A N/A
American Express 340000000001023 A COMPLETED N/A N/A
340000000001098 C PENDING Y COMPLETED
340000000001106 C PENDING N COMPLETED
340000000001114 C PENDING U COMPLETED
340000000001064 Error N/A N/A N/A
340000000001080 N/A FAILED N/A N/A
340000000001015 N COMPLETED N/A N/A
340000000001049 R COMPLETED N/A N/A
340000000001031 U COMPLETED N/A N/A
340000000001007 Y COMPLETED N/A N/A