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Including the 3D Secure 2 SDK

The JavaScript SDK is located at

JavaScript SDK functions

The JavaScript SDK consists of the start and challenge functions. Click the links below for full details.

Function Purpose
start Initializes the device fingerprinting procedure for a customer.

Initializes the challenge procedure that performs additional customer validation.

Including the JavaScript SDK

You should include the JavaScript SDK in your HTML form by adding a <script> element in either the header or body.

There are two ways to include the JavaScript SDK:

  • Include the latest official version – Paysafe strongly recommends this approach.
  • Include a specific version.

Include the Latest Official Version

To include the latest official version of the JavaScript SDK, use the following:

<script src=""></script>

Paysafe recommends this approach as you will automatically receive all the latest updates and bug fixes.

Include a Specific Version

Each specific version of the JavaScript SDK is located at To include one of these, replace version with the version of the JavaScript SDK you wish to use, for example:

<script src="<version>/paysafe.threedsecure.min.js"></script>