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Uploading your Files

This topic describes how to upload Account Updater files; specifically:

  • Prerequisites
  • Uploading your Account Updater files

You should also refer to Setting up for SFTP and Encrypting Your Account Updater Files.


Before you can upload your Account Updater files to Paysafe you must:

  1. Be configured by Paysafe to upload files to the Paysafe SFTP site, which includes being provided with a public key that allows you access to the site (see Setting up for SFTP).
  2. Use the public key from Paysafe to encrypt your Account Updater files before you upload them (see Encrypting your Account Updater files).
  3. Generate and email another, different public key to Paysafe, which allows them to encrypt the response files that you can download from the SFTP site (see Decrypting your response files).

Uploading your Account Updater files

When you SFTP to Paysafe, you will see a folder labeled Incoming, where you should drop your files. See Creating Account Updater files for details of the contents of the batch files.

Paysafe polls the folder daily at 5.30 a.m. EST, and begins the Account Updater process as soon as it detects a new file. If you upload your files before this cutoff time, you will receive a response from Paysafe by 1 p.m. the following day.

Some downstream providers are involved in the Account Updater service. As a result, there may occasionally be multiple response files corresponding to a single uploaded Account Updater file. If this is the case, the response files may be returned over the course of more than one day.