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API Endpoints

The API endpoint (URI or URL) must point to either the Test or the Production (live) environment.

  • Test API endpoint
    For example:
  • Production API endpoint
    For example:

API Endpoint Patterns

The API endpoints typically conform to the pattern of the following example:

Replace the elements in the API endpoint example above as follows:

Element Usage


Use test for a test transaction. Remove the word test for a live transaction.

Replace with your unique merchant ID, which you received in the response when you first created a merchant to board on your platform.


Replace with the type of API request, such as merchants, merchant accounts, and business owners.

v1 This is the version of the API. Currently all APIs are on version 1.

Refer to the table below for further examples.

API Request Used To Endpoint Pattern


Create a merchant entity. Once the merchant is created, you can add more objects to it, such as a merchant account, a business owner of that account, addresses, and bank account information.


Merchant Accounts Add one or more merchant accounts to the merchant entity.



Add a user to a merchant account. The user will be able to sign in to the Paysafe Merchant Back Office for that account.


Merchant Account Addresses

Add an address for the merchant account.


Business Owners Add a business owner for each merchant account you create.


Business Owner Current Addresses Add an address for the business owner. In some cases, both a current and a previous address will be required.


Business Owner Previous Addresses Add a previous address for the business owner, where required.


Business Owner ID

Add an identification document to each business owner. The type of ID required will depend on the jurisdiction of the business owner. For example, if the business owner is Canadian, you can optionally add a Canadian Driving License as the ID.


Merchant Bank Account

Add a bank account to the merchant account you create. The type of bank account required will depend on the jurisdiction of the merchant account. For example, for a Canadian merchant account, you must add a Canadian (EFT) bank account.


Terms and Conditions The merchant accepts Paysafe's Terms and Conditions, which is required before the merchant account can be activated.


Merchant Account Activation Activate the merchant account so that the merchant can begin processing payments with Paysafe.


Microdeposit In some jurisdictions, you can validate the details of an ACH or EFT bank account using a small deposit made by Paysafe into that bank account.


Balance Transfers Transfer balances between linked merchant accounts, both credits and debits.



In the above examples, replace variable instances like account_idbusinessowner_id, and merchant_id with the unique ID returned by Paysafe in the responses to their respective creation requests.

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