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Going Live

This page describes how to set up currency accounts and move from Test to the Production environment.

Multiple Accounts

You can use the default account to process Visa and Mastercard card payments (using the Card Payments, Customer Vault, Hosted Payments, and 3D Secure APIs). You need to open separate accounts for other card brands. You also need a separate account for each type of Direct Debit payment method, and for each of the alternate payments methods supported by Paysafe you want to use (for example, SOFORT and BOKU).

If you want to support payments in a different currency, you will need additional accounts for each payment method/currency combination. For example, to process card and SEPA direct debit payments in EUR and GBP you would need four accounts: SEPA Direct Debit EUR account, SEPA Direct Debit GBP account, Card Payments EUR account, and Card Payments GBP account. See the figure below. 


  • If you need accounts to support additional card brands such as Amex, Diners, and JCB, please contact Support.
  • All your accounts can be set up to use the same API key (and in some cases, this will happen automatically). Please contact Customer Support for more information.

Using Currencies with Production Accounts

A production account has an associated currency in which funds are settled (paid into the account). For example, if you have a GBP account, funds will be paid into your account in GBP. The default account currency is used to take and process payments from your customers. For a list of currencies and the corresponding codes, see Currency Codes.

NOTE: You will incur currency conversion costs when the currency in which customer payment is made is different from the currency of the merchant account into which the funds are settled. You must therefore open a separate merchant account for each currency you want to accept funds in.

Moving from Test to Production Environment

The Test and Production environments are two separate integrations. Your API requests in the Production environment must use your Production account details:

  • Production merchant account number
  • Production API Key

To process live transactions, your API requests should point to the Production API endpoints:

For example:

You will need to repeat any configuration changes made to your Test account on the Production account. Keep a record of any changes requested and carried out.