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Testing Instructions


The Paysafe Test environment can be used to test websites or applications without running transactions through the Production (live) payment processing platform. Transactions processed in the Test environment are not sent to a payment provider, but through a simulator. For alternate payments methods with a redirect flow, you will be redirected to this simulator rather than to a bank or payment provider website. The simulator has an option to choose the payment state to allow you to simulate different payment statuses, e.g., Success, Failure, Pending, etc.

With the Paysafe Test environment you can test the following:

  • Verify support for all the operation types that you require.
  • Review all common errors as well as errors that may occur for each operation, and ensure your application can handle them.
  • Verify the lengths and format for all attributes you send.

Applying for a Test Account

Start by applying for a standard Test account (supporting our Alternate Payments, Card Payments, and 3D Secure APIs, and card payments using the Hosted payments API) by clicking SIGN UP.

Your Test account will provide you with access to the Paysafe Merchant Back Office, where you can view the status of your Test transactions. Once signed in to the Merchant Back Office you should also retrieve your Account Number (choose Accounts and copy it from the Account column) and your API Key User name and Password (choose Settings > API Key) – the password is also available Base64 encoded.

To access our Alternate Payments API, you will need to contact Integration Support and request additional merchant accounts for each payment method/currency combination you require to be linked to the API key you obtained above. For example, if you wanted to support Boku payments in Swiss francs and British pounds and Sofort payments in euros, you would request three Test accounts: a Boku CHF account, a Boku GBP account, and a Sofort EUR account.

Integration support will provide you with a list of account numbers for each payment method/currency combination you requested.

Test and Production Accounts

Test accounts enable you to process API transactions that mirror the functionality on the Production environment. Once you are satisfied with your integration to the Test environment, you will need to repeat any configuration changes made to your Test account on the Production account. Keep a record of any changes requested and carried out.

You will need to use different API endpoints and authentication credentials to connect to the Paysafe Production environment.

For details see Going Live.

Simulating Different Payment Statuses

For alternate payments methods with a redirect flow, you can simulate different payment statuses using the redirect simulator. This simulator is available only in the Test environment.

Alternate Payments Redirect Simulator

For example, if you wanted to test a Refund request for a BOKU payment, you would first have to update the status of the payment to COMPLETED, since by default the request has a status of INITIATED.

  1. Create a Payment Authorization request in the Test environment.
  2. Open a browser, and paste in the URL from the redirect_payment link in the response to your payment request.
  3. The Alternate Payments Redirect Simulator window opens. Set the Simulate Result drop-down to the status you want to see, which in this case is SUCCESS.
  4. Click Submit. Your browser should then be redirected to the URL you specified in the returnLinks array of your payment request.
  5. The status of your BOKU payment request will be updated to COMPLETED.
  6. You can now send the Refund request in the Test environment.