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Batch Applications

Partners can batch their queries with a Merchant Reference Number. Also, Paysafe will give you a Batch ID for the merchant reference number.

  1. A batch request is a single API call that uploads many onboarding app queries at once.
  2. Merchants can use the merchant reference number to batch their requests. If the batch is successfully submitted, Paysafe will provide a Batch ID for the specified merchant reference number. 
  3. After the batch has been approved, individual applications will be processed.


  1. Partner should be onboarded. 
  2. Partner should request the API Key to authenticate the API calls. The API keys can be accessed from the Partner Portal. 
  3. Access to Application's API version should be granted.
  4. Partner should be operating in the US and CA.


  • Using the Batch Applications, customers can submit multiple merchant applications within a single request. This will reduce the painful process of creating and referring multiple applications.
  • Request for multiple Merchant Legal Entity (MLE) will be part of 1 batch request.
  • Request for multiple locations for each MLE will be part of 1 batch request.
  • Request to configure multiple bank accounts for each MLE will be part of 1 batch request. 
  • End-to-end automated underwriting is supported.
  • Automated account provisioning for the approved applications is supported.
  • API responses and webhooks are triggered for errors occurred during application processing. 

How to use Batch Applications

Follow the process to use the API and launch the partner's merchant onboarding.

API Request Used To Endpoint Pattern
Create Batch Applications Partner can submit the batch request of applications


Get Batch Application by Batch Id Merchant can identify the transaction by submitting the batchid


Get Batch Application by Merchant Reference Number Merchant can identify the transaction by submitting the merchantRefNumber


Request Attributes

For a detailed description of the mandatory and optional parameters to create a Batch Application request, see API Reference.


All applications in a batch request must use a single valid configuration id.