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Order Terminals

Card present requests can be made during onboarding through Applications API. With the implementation of card present, merchants can order terminals while onboarding through Applications API without manually submitting terminal orders. Currently, Paysafe offers card present features to their merchants in the US and CA. Online orders for terminals are limited to a maximum of 20. To receive a quote for 20 or more terminals, get in touch with your designated Sales agent. 

When you are onboarding a new merchant with card present payment option, follow these steps: 

  1. Get products from the configuration - fetch the available products from the provided onboarding configuration. with cardPresentConfigId. If card present is selected for a card then cardPresentConfigId is fetched. 
  2. Get Equipment - fetch the terminal details available for cardPresentConfigId. 
  3. Create an application - if it is a new merchant, provide all the requested merchant data along with the terminal details. A maximum of 20 terminals can be ordered per application. 
  4. Get terms – the terms applicable for a merchant application are returned through this call with the X-TERMS-VERSION under the header. The terms document is currently provided in PDF or HTML format, so you can speak with the integration team to configure the required format. 
  5. Submit application – the merchant data can be updated till the application is not submitted. After the application is submitted, the merchant data cannot be edited through this API. Using the version provided in the Get terms API call, submit the application. 

If terminals are to be ordered for different locations or for new accounts, follow the process mentioned above. 

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