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Look Up a Bank Account Verification

GET /bankaccountvalidator/v1/accounts/account_id/verifications/verification_id

A bank account verification lookup request allows merchants to retrieve a single-use payment token that represents the customer's bank account, after the customer has validated that they own that account. This paymentToken is valid for 15 minutes and can be used for several request types in the Paysafe APIs, including:

To process a bank account verification lookup request, you must initiate a GET request to the verifications endpoint.

See our full API documentation for a complete description of the parameters required for the request to look up the Bank Account Verification.

curl -X GET \
-u devcentre322:B-qa2-0-53625f86-302c021476f52bdc9deab7aea876bb28762e62f92fc6712d0214736abf501e9675e55940e83ef77f5c304edc7968 \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'

Prior to trying the example, you should:

  • Replace the account number (123456789) in the URL with the test account number you received.
  • Replace the verification ID (6a275b7c-6f11-4ed1-ae77-21071724574a) with the ID you received in the response to the Bank Account Verification request.
  • Replace the API key (after the -u) with the API key you have received.

"merchantRefNum": "1323563",
"accountTypes": [
"currencyCodes": [
"returnLinks": [
"rel": "default",
"href": ""
"links": [
"rel": "redirect_bank_validation",
"href": ""
"id": "6a275b7c-6f11-4ed1-ae77-21071724574a",
"sessionId": "MmM2OGNiNWMtMWNmYS0xMWU5LWFiMTQtZDY2M2JkODczZDkz",
"status": "SUCCESS",
"eft": {
"accountHolderName": "John Smith",
"institutionId": "001",
"transitNumber": "25039",
"lastDigits": "01",
"accountType": "SAVING",
"paymentToken": "8Y9u7WR3E32EB09J"
"profile": {
"firstName": "John",
"middleName": "James",
"lastName": "Smith",
"locale": "en_CA"

The response contains the following parameters:

Element Child Element Type Description


This is the merchant reference number created by the merchant and submitted as part of the request. A unique merchant reference number must be provided for each transaction.
accountTypes   array

This is the list of bank account types that will be presented. Possible values are:



This the currency of the bank accounts that will be presented. Possible values are:

  • CAD
  • USD
returnLinks   array of objects

These are URL endpoints to which to redirect the customer. You can customize the return URL based on the transaction status. The default value is mandatory.

rel enum

This is the link type, allowing different endpoints to be targeted depending on the end state of the transaction. The link relation describes how this link relates to the previous call. Possible values are:

  • default – The default return URL that will be used if specific status return URL is not defined.
  • on_completed – Will be returned to this URL if the bank account validation request is completed.
  • on_failed – Will be returned to this URL if the bank account validation request fails.
href string The actual URL to which the customer will be redirected.
links   object

This is an array of links related to the resource.

rel string

This is the link to the endpoint at the end of the transaction. Possible values are:

  • redirect_bank_validation
href string The actual URL to which the customer will be redirected.
id   string
Unique ID for the bank account verification operation.
sessionId   string
Unique session ID for this operation.
status   enum

The status of the request. Possible values are:

  • SUCCESS – The customer has validated their bank account successfully.
  • FAILED – The bank account validation has failed.
  • INITIATED – The merchant has initiated the bank account verification request.
  • INCOMPLETE – The bank account validation could not be completed successfully, e.g., due to user inactivity or session timeout.
eft   object  
accountHolderName string
This is the account holder's name.
institutionId string
This is the 3-digit institution ID of the customer’s bank branch.
transitNumber string
This is the 5-digit transit number of the customer's bank branch.
lastDigits string
This is the last two digits of the bank account number.
accountType enum

This is the type of bank account. Possible values are:

paymentToken string
This is the single-use token representing the bank account. It is valid for 15 minutes, after which it expires.
profile   object This is some profile information about the customer.
firstName string
This is the customer's first name.
middleName string
This is the customer's middle name.
lastName string
This is the customer's last name.
locale enum

This indicates the language of the user interface.Possible values are:

  • en_CA (English)
  • fr_CA (French)
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