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API Endpoints

The API endpoint (URI or URL) must point to either the Test or Production (live) environment.

  • Test API endpoint
    For example:
  • Production API endpoint
    For example:

API Endpoint Patterns

The following example demonstrates the pattern of a typical API endpoint:

Replace the elements in the API endpoint example above as follows:

Element Usage


Use test for a test transaction. Remove the word test for a live transaction.

Replace with your unique merchant account number, which you receive when you create your test account – the email will include the information.


Replace with the type of API request, such as verifications.

v1 This is the version of the API.

Resource Patterns

API Request Used To Endpoint Pattern
Verifications Initiate a bank account verification request with Paysafe.


Redirect Redirect a customer so they can validate their bank account details.


Get Verification

Look up a verification request using the ID returned in the response to the original Create a Verification request.