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Test Cards

You can use any of the following test card numbers to test the Card Payments API, or card payments using the Hosted Payments API. These test cards also work with Paysafe.js.

Do not use real card numbers or other payment instrument details in the Merchant Test environment. It is not compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), and does not protect cardholder/payee information. Any upload of real cardholder data is strictly prohibited, as described in the Terms of Use.

Expiry Date

When using the test card numbers, you can use any date in the future for the expiry date (e.g., 11/27).


You can use any 3 (or 4 for Amex cards) digit number for the CVV in the merchant test environment. However, if you wish to generate a specific CVV match response, you will need to use the following values.

Card Type Card Number Issuing Country
Visa 4530910000012345 CA
4510150000000321 CA
4500030000000004 CA
4003440000000007 CA
4515031000000005 CA
4538261230000003 CA
4037112233000001 US
4037111111000000 US
4107857757053670 UK
Visa Debit 4724090000000008 CA
4835641100110000 CA
4900880000000008 US
4900770000000001 US
4206720389883775 UK
Visa (Electron) 4917480000000008 UK
4917484589897107 UK
Visa Prepaid 4262370314214521 US
Mastercard 5191330000004415 CA
5457490000008763 CA
5411420000000002 CA
5258110000000005 CA
5192810000000009 CA
5100400000000000 US
5200400000000009 US
5186750368967720 UK
Mastercard Debit (Maestro) 6277411477100000 CA
6277411477200002 CA
5036150000001115 US
5036160000001114 US
5573560100022200 UK
6759950000000162 UK
Mastercard Prepaid 5116545114321338 US
American Express 373511000000005 CA
373522010100107 CA
370123456789017 US
370123456789116 US
375529360131002 Ireland
Discover 6011234567890123 US
JCB 3569990000000009 Japan
Interac 5076010000000007 CA
5076020000000006 CA
5076020000000000001 CA

NOTE: To test the 3D Secure 2 API, see the 3D Secure 2 test card numbers.