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API Endpoints

The API endpoint (URI or URL) must point to either the Test or Production (live) environment.

  • Test API endpoint
    For example:
  • Production API endpoint
    For example:

API Endpoint Patterns

The API endpoints typically conform to the pattern of the example below:

Replace the elements in the API endpoint example above as follows:

Element Usage


Use test for a test transaction. Remove the word test for a live transaction.

Replace with the API you are using. The available values are:

  • Card API – cardpayments
  • Customer Vault – customervault
  • 3D Secure 2 API – threedsecure
  • Direct Debit – directdebit

Replace with your unique merchant account number, which you receive when you create your test account, the email will include the information. Alternatively, you can log in to the merchant back-office to see a list of your accounts and associated account IDs.

Merchants can have multiple accounts, for example to process payments in different currencies. All accounts can be set up to use the same API key.


Replace with the type of API request, such as verifications, authorizations, or settlements.


This is the version of the API.

* Currently all APIs, with the exception of 3D Secure 2, are on version 1. See the 3D Secure 2 API endpoint example for more details.

Refer to the table below for further examples.

API Request Used To Endpoint Pattern


Authorize a payment on a card. The amount authorized is reserved on the customer's card so that it cannot be used, but not deducted from the customer's account.


Verifications Verify that a card is a valid card. An authorization for a zero amount (zero auth) is obtained.


Void Authorization

(Also known as Reverse Authorization)

Void (Reverse) an authorization on a card. Any reserved funds are released on the customer's account.


Settlements Capture an amount that was previously authorized on a customer’s credit or debit card. You can capture all or part of an existing authorization. Funds will be settled to your account with the next Paysafe batch run.


Cancel a Settlement Cancels a pending settlement. Note that this must be done prior to Paysafe's batching, which is typically at the end of day.



Refund back to a customer’s credit or debit card an amount that has previously been settled. Refunds can be for a full or partial amount of the original transaction.


Original Credits

Issue credits to cardholders without requiring a previous authorization or settlement. Can be used for payouts to customers.


Standalone Credits

Issue credits to cardholders without requiring a previous authorization or settlement. Can be used for payouts to customers.


  • In the above examples replace account_id with your unique merchant account number and replace id with the unique ID of the original transaction.
  • Some API endpoints include multiple parameters. For example, for a void (authorization reversal) request, both account_id and id must be included.
  • The examples point to the production system.

Legacy API Endpoints

We recommend that customers using the following API endpoints migrate to the Paysafe API endpoints above:

  • Test –
  • Production –