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Before You Start

This guide is for developers who want to use the Customer Vault API to:

  • Create customer profiles, containing customer contact and billing addresses
  • Store payment details, such as credit or debit cards and bank accounts
  • Create single-use tokens for use with mobile phone payments, including Apple Pay. Single-use tokens are valid for only 15 minutes and are not consumed by verification.
  • Authorize a payment using a token linked to a profile and card (also uses the Card Payments API)

The Customer Vault API must be used with either:

  • The Paysafe Card Payments API, for processing debit and credit card payments, or
  • The Direct Debit API, for processing customer Direct Debit payments.


  • This guide assumes that you have developer-level knowledge of REST-based APIs, which you use to connect to the Paysafe platform.

Using the REST API

  • API calls use the REST architecture. All requests and responses use the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format.
  • Test API calls can be sent to the Paysafe platform using cURL. Alternatively, you can use a graphical browser-based REST client tool such as Postman or the Advanced Rest Client. An example is provided in the section on REST architecture.
  • All API requests must be made over HTTPS. Calls made over plain HTTP will fail.
  • API requests without authentication will fail.


To download a French version of this guide in PDF, click here.