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Direct Debit Errors

JSON error responses from the Direct Debit API include information in the body of the response similar to the following:

"message":"The merchant account submitted with your request could not be found",
"Account 89983659 does not exist"
"message":"The credentials provided with the request do not have permission to access the data requested.",

The error object consists of the following elements:

Element Type   Required?
code string The error code. Also shown in the X-Application-Status-Code response header. Yes
message string The error message describing the error. Yes
details string array Further details about the error. Optional
(Array of rel:href pairs)
rel string The type of link: "errorinfo". Yes
href string The URL within the Developer Center that contains a description of the error. Yes

To save you having to parse the response body to find the error information, you can retrieve the error code from the X-Application-Status-Code response header.

This is a summary of all errors that could be returned when using the Direct Debit API, including HTTP Status Codes.

HTTP Status Code Summary

Code Range Description
1xx: Informational Communicates transfer protocol–level information.
2xx: Success Indicates that the client’s request was accepted.
3xx: Redirection Indicates that the client must take some additional action in order to complete the request.
4xx: Client Error Indicates that the client has made an error with the request.
5xx: Server Error Indicates that an error occurred on the server side.

Common HTTP Response Status Codes

Code Description
200 OK Everything worked as expected.
201 Created The request was successful. Paysafe created a new resource and the response body contains the representation.
202 Accepted This indicates that the client’s request will be handled asynchronously. It tells the client that the request appears valid, but it still may have problems once it is processed.
204 No Content This is usually returned in response to a PUT, POST, or DELETE request when the REST API declines to send back any status message or representation in the body of the response message.
304 Not Modified The client's cached version of the representation is still up to date.
400 Bad Request This often indicates that a required parameter is missing or that a parameter is invalid. This is a generic client-side error status, used when no other 4xx error code is appropriate.
401 Unauthorized This indicates that the client tried to operate on a protected resource without providing the proper authorization. They may have provided the wrong credentials or none at all.
402 Payment Required The parameters were valid but the request failed.
404 Not Found The requested resource does not exist.
405 Method Not Allowed The client tried to POST or PUT to a resource that would not accept it.
415 Unsupported Media Type

The request is in a format not supported by the requested resource for the requested method.

429 Too Many Requests The application is sending too many simultaneous requests.
500 Internal Server Error An error occurred with an internal server.
502 External Server Error We received an invalid response from the upstream gateway in attempting to fulfill the request.

Common Errors

HTTP Status Code Error Code Description
500 1000 An internal error occurred.
502 1001 An error occurred with the external processing gateway.
500 1002 An internal error occurred.
500 1003 An internal error occurred.
500 1007 An internal error occurred.
500 1008 An internal error occurred.
429 1200 The API call has been denied as it has exceeded the permissible call rate limit.
401 5000 Your merchant account authentication failed. Either your store ID/password is invalid or the IP address from which you are sending the transaction has not been authorized.
400 5001 The submitted currency code is invalid or your account does not support this currency.
400 5003 You submitted an invalid amount with your request.
400 5004 You submitted an invalid account type with your request.
400 5005 You submitted an invalid operation type with your request.
400 5010 The submitted country code is invalid.
400 5016 The merchant account you provided cannot be found.
400 5017 The merchant account you provided is disabled.
402 5021 Your transaction request has been declined.
400 5023 The request is not parsable.
409 5031 The transaction you have submitted has already been processed.
401 5040 Your merchant account is not configured for the transaction you attempted.
400 5042 The merchant reference number is missing or invalid or it exceeds the maximum permissible length.
400 5068 Either you submitted a request that is missing a mandatory field or the value of a field does not match the format expected.
404 5269 The ID(s) specified in the URL do not correspond to the values in the system.
403 5270 The credentials provided with the request do not have permission to access the requested data.
406 5271 You requested a response in the 'Accept' header that is in an unsupported format.
406 5272 The 'Content-Type' you specified in request header was submitted in an unsupported format.
404 5273 Your client reached our application but we were unable to service your request due to an invalid URL.
401 5275 The authentication credentials provided with the request have expired.
401 5276 The authentication credentials provided with the request provided have been disabled.
401 5277 The authentication credentials provided with the request have been locked due to multiple authentication failures.
401 5278 The authentication credentials provided with the request were not accepted for an unknown reason.
401 5279 The authentication credentials are invalid.
401 5280 The required authentication credentials were not provided.
405 5281 The request uses an action (e.g., GET, POST, or PUT) that is not supported by the resource.
400 5501 The profile does not have an active credit card.
400 5500 Either the payment token is invalid or the corresponding profile or bank account is not active.

Direct Debit Errors

HTTP Status Code Error Code Description
400 2004 The Direct Debit transaction cannot be found.
400 2011 You have submitted a mandate reference that does not exist.
400 2012 You have submitted a mandate reference that is not active yet.
400 2013 The mandate reference does not have a valid status.
400 2014 The mandate reference is already in use for the specified bank account information. 
400 2017 The payment token bank scheme does not match the merchant account bank scheme. 
402 4002 The transaction was declined by our risk management department.
400 2019 The specified bank and account information is currently under INVALID state.
400 2008 You have submitted an invalid routing or transit number. 

Return Codes

Occasionally, a Direct Debit API request will be successful, but can fail at the banking network level, e.g., due to insufficient funds or bank account closure. In such cases, the bank scheme provides a Return Code as an explanation. Because Direct Debit requests can take up to 7 days to clear, you cannot be notified of errors such as these via the API response.

However, you can use the Paysafe Merchant Back Office to run reports to view Return Codes in the case where a Direct Debit request has failed.

Code Description Bank Scheme
900 Validation Rejection EFT
901 Not sufficient funds (debits only) EFT
902 Cannot trace EFT
903 Payment stopped/recalled EFT
904 Post dated/stale dated EFT
905 Account closed EFT
906 Account transferred EFT
907 No chequing privileges EFT
908 Funds not cleared EFT
909 Currency/Account Mismatch EFT
910 Payor/payee deceased EFT
911 Account frozen EFT
912 Invalid/incorrect account number EFT
914 Incorrect payor/payee name EFT
915 Refused by payor/payee EFT
916 Not in accordance with Agreement - Personal EFT
917 Agreement Revoked - Personal EFT
918 No Pre-Notification - Personal EFT
919 Not in accordance with Agreement - Business EFT
920 Agreement Revoked - Business EFT
921 No Pre-Notification - Business EFT
922 Customer Initiated Return Credit Only EFT
990 Institution in Default EFT
998 No Return Agreement EFT
4 TRANSACTION TYPE is invalid or blank. See Appendix 3 for a list of CPA Transaction Types. EFT
5 AMOUNT is blank, or not greater than zero. EFT
6 DUE DATE is invalid or blank. EFT
7 INSTITUTION (route and/or transit) is not in the correct format, does not exist or is blank. EFT
8 ACCOUNT NUMBER is not a valid format for the specified INSTITUTION. EFT
9 ITEM TRACE NO. is invalid. EFT
10 STORED TRANSACTION TYPE is invalid or blank. EFT
14 Originating Direct Clearer ID is invalid or blank. EFT
16 INSTITUTION FOR RETURNS (route and/or transit) is invalid or blank. It should specify your credit union. EFT
19 Original item trace number is invalid or blank. EFT
21 DATA ELEMENT ID is invalid or blank. EFT
E Accepted but errors were noted EFT
M Rejected, message authentication code (MAC) failed EFT
P Partially accepted, at least one transaction set was rejected EFT
R Rejected EFT
W Rejected, assurance failed validity tests EFT
X Rejected, content after decryption could not be analyzed EFT
TR Rejected by 824 EFT
YE Transaction code unauthorised for originating Account BACS
0 Refer to Payer BACS
1 Instruction cancelled by payer BACS
2 Payer Deceased BACS
3 Account Transferred BACS
4 Advance Notice Disputed BACS
5 No Account BACS
6 No Instruction BACS
7 Amount Differs BACS
8 Amount not yet due BACS
9 Presentation Overdue BACS
A Service User Differs BACS
B Account Closed BACS
E Instruction amended BACS
AE Originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (bank originated) BACS
BE Originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (customer originated) BACS
CE Destination sort code and originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (bank originated) BACS
DE Destination sort code and originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (customer originated) BACS
EE Destination sort code invalid BACS
FE Account type and originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (bank originated) BACS
GE Account type and originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (customer originated) BACS
HE Destination sort code and Account type and originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (bank originated) BACS
IE Destination sort code and Account type and originating sort code and/or Account number invalid (customer originated) BACS
JE Destination sort code and Account type invalid BACS
KE Account type invalid BACS
LE Destination Account number and destination Account name and other fields invalid BACS
ME Destination Account number and destination Account name invalid BACS
NE Contra record was amended BACS
OE Reference number was invalid BACS
PE Originating Account does not support the file currency BACS
QE Automated reversal due to an error BACS
RE Reversal of another item (same day) BACS
SE Automated recall BACS
TE Originating Account invalid and was substituted with the default main Account details, but this Account does not support the file currency (customer originated) BACS
UE Unpaid direct debit reference was in error (bank originated) BACS
XE Originator's service user number invalid (bank originated) BACS
ZE Unpaid direct debit reference and other fields were in error (bank originated) BACS
1I Amount and / or date of Direct Debit differ from Advance Notice BACS
2I No Advance Notice received by Payer/or the amount quoted is disputed BACS
3I DDI cancelled by paying bank BACS
4I Payer has cancelled DDI direct with service user BACS
5I AUDDIS service users only - No Instruction held. Payer disputes having given authority BACS
6I AUDDIS service users only - Signature on DDI is fraudulent or not in accordance with account authorised signature(s) BACS
7I Claim raised at service users request after Direct Debit applied to payers account BACS
8I Service user name disputed. Payer does not recognise service user collecting Direct Debit BACS
CC Requested by originator BACS
0C Invalid details BACS
2C Beneficiary deceased BACS
3C Account transferred BACS
5C No account BACS
BC Account closed BACS
C Account transferred to a different branch of bank / building society BACS
D Advance notice disputed BACS
F Invalid account type BACS
G Bank will not accept Direct Debits on account BACS
H Instruction has expired BACS
I Payer reference is not unique BACS
K Instruction cancelled by paying bank BACS
L Incorrect payer's account details BACS
M Transaction code / user status incompatible BACS
N Transaction disallowed at payer's branch BACS
O Invalid reference BACS
P Payer's Name not present BACS
Q Service user's name blank BACS
R Instruction re-instated (maximum 2 months from original DDI cancellation date) BACS
AC01 Account identifier incorrect SEPA
UPAY Undue payment SEPA
AC06 Account blocked SEPA
AC13 Invalid debtor account type SEPA
AG01 Direct debit forbidden SEPA
AG02 Invalid bank operation code SEPA
AGNT Incorrect agent SEPA
AM04 Insufficient funds SEPA
AM05 Duplication SEPA
BE04 Missing creditor address SEPA
BE05 Unrecognized creditor SEPA
CURR Incorrect currency SEPA
CUST Recall by customer SEPA
CUTA Recall due to investigation request SEPA
DT01 Invalid date SEPA
DUPL Duplicate payment SEPA
ED05 Settlement failed SEPA
FF01 Invalid file format SEPA
FF05 Direct debit type incorrect SEPA
MD01 No valid mandate SEPA
MD02 Mandate data missing or incorrect SEPA
MD06 Disputed authorized transaction SEPA
MD07 Debtor deceased SEPA
MS02 Refusal by debtor SEPA
MS03 Reason not specified SEPA
PY01 Not routable SEPA
RC01 Bank identifier incorrect SEPA
RR01 Missing debtor account or identification SEPA
RR02 Missing debtor name or address SEPA
RR03 Missing creditor name or address SEPA
RR04 Regulatory reason SEPA
SL01 Specific service offered by debtor agent SEPA
TECH Payment in error due to technical problem SEPA
TM01 Invalid cut off time SEPA
AC04 Account closed SEPA
RT not found   ACH
CONFIG Client configuration problem ACH
LIMIT The maximum amount per check was exceeded. ACH
INVACCT Invalid account type. ACH
INVDIR Invalid direction. ACH
NOPOP Merchant not configured or not allowed to run POP transactions - Electronic Check Conversion. ACH
PAPER Paper draft and can't send paper. ACH
PARSE Parsing problem ACH
THOMSON Reject due to Thomson database. ACH
UNKMER Unknown merchant. ACH
DEMO Demonstration transaction/ or merchant. ACH
R90 Invalid MOD digit ACH
R91 Invalid ABA. Not nine (9) characters or numeric ACH
R92 ABA not active ACH
R93 Invalid Tran Code SEC combo ACH
R94 Invalid amount for pre-note Tran Code ACH
R95 Amount is zero (0) ACH
R96 Not a valid Tran code ACH
R97 Not a valid SEC code ACH
R98 Account decryption error ACH
R99 OFAC possible match ACH
R37 Source Document Presented for Payment ACH
R38 StopPayment on Source Document ACH
R39 Improper Source Document ACH
R53 Item and ACH Entry Presented for Payment ACH
R75 Original Return not a Duplicate ACH
R76 No Errors Found ACH
R83 Foreign Receiving DFI Unable to Settle ACH
R84 Entry Not Processed by OGO ACH
R01 Insufficient funds ACH
R02 Account closed ACH
R03 No account/unable to locate ACH
R04 Invalid account number ACH
R05 Reserved ACH
R06 Return requested by ODFI ACH
R07 Authorization revoked Note 2 ACH
R08 Stop payment ACH
R09 Uncollected funds ACH
R10 Not authorizedNote 2 ACH
R11 Check truncation entry return ACH
R12 Branch sold to another DFI ACH
R13 RDFI not qualified to participate/or invalid route ACH
R14 Payee deceased ACH
R15 Beneficiary deceased ACH
R16 Account frozen ACH
R17 File record edit criteria ACH
R18 Improper effective entry date ACH
R19 Amount field error ACH
R20 Non transaction account ACH
R21 Invalid company ident. ACH
R22 Invalid individual ID number ACH
R23 Credit entry refused by receiver ACH
R24 Duplicate entry ACH
R25 Addenda error ACH
R26 Mandatory field error ACH
R27 Trace number error ACH
R28 Routing # check digit error ACH
R29 Corp cust. adviser not auth. ACH
R30 RDFI non-part truncation prob ACH
R31 Permissible return entry ACH
R32 RDFI non-settlement ACH
R33 Return of XCK entry ACH
R34 Limited participation DFI ACH
R35 Return of improper debit entry ACH
R36 Return of improper credit entry ACH
R40 Return of ENR entry by Fed. Gov. ACH
R41 Invalid transaction code ACH
R42 Routing #/check digit error ACH
R43 Inv. DFI acct. number ACH
R44 Inv. Individual ED number ACH
R45 Inv. individual name/company name ACH
R46 Inv. rep. payee indicator ACH
R47 Duplicate enrollment ACH
R50 State Law affecting RCK acceptance ACH
R51 Item is ineligible (RCK) ACH
R52 Stop payment on item (RCK) ACH
R61 Dishonor ACH
R62 Dishonor ACH
R63 Dishonor ACH
R64 Dishonor ACH
R65 Dishonor ACH
R66 Dishonor ACH
R67 Dishonor ACH
R68 Dishonor ACH
R69 Dishonor ACH
R70 Dishonor ACH
R71 ContestedNote 4 ACH
R72 ContestedNote 4 ACH
R73 ContestedNote 4 ACH
R74 ContestedNote 4 ACH
R80 Cross- border payment coding error ACH
R81 Non-participant in cross-border pgm. ACH
R82 Invalid foreign RDFI ID ACH