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Test Environment

This document describes the events that can be tested / not tested in test environment. Below is the list of webhooks that can be tested if the following pre-requisites are available:

  1. Merchant/Partner must have a subscription with Netbanx to test all events.

  2. Merchant/Partner must have webhook payloads for all schemas (ACH, EFT, BACS, and SEPA) to test in Netbanx.

S.No. EventName Events that can be tested in Sandbox Comments
1 Payment_Completed Yes Yes Yes Yes For BACS Mandate will be activated. With Active Mandate only we can create purchase call.
2 Settlement_Cleared Yes Yes Yes Yes  
3 Settlement_Cancelled Yes Yes Yes Yes  
4 Payment_Return_Completed Yes Yes Yes Yes  
6 Settlement_Completed Yes Yes Yes Yes This event will trigger when you move the transaction status to payment_returned in portal.
7 Payment_Failed Yes Yes Yes Yes  
10 Settlement_Pending Yes Yes Yes Yes This is part of the Payment_Completed event only. There will be no separate event for Settlement_pending.
11 StandAloneCredit_Pending Yes Yes Yes NA  
12 StandAloneCredit_Completed Yes Yes Yes NA  
13 StandAloneCredit_Return_Completed Yes Yes Yes NA  
14 StandAloneCredit_Failed Yes Yes Yes NA  
15 StandAloneCredit_Cancelled Yes Yes Yes NA  
16 StandAloneCredit_Processing NA NA NA NA
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