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Direct Debit Simulator

In the production environment, different statuses are received from banking partners like returns/rejections for Direct Debit transactions. To replicate a few of them in a test environment, a simulator service is enabled.

The functionality of this simulator is to mimic bank return responses based on the input transaction triggers (specifically, transaction amount received in the input). Depending on the matched trigger, the return response will be simulated similar to production with the respective return codes. 

The return responses that the simulator replicates are batch responses, not a real-time API response that is provided at the time of creation of transactions. 

Merchant can receive these simulated statuses/responses for the created transactions through the following options: 

  1. GET APIs
  2. Merchant back-office portal
  3. Webhooks (if opted)

Currently, only the following schemes and return codes are supported. Other schemes and possible return codes are being worked on and will be soon released for simulation. 


Reason Code Scheme Trigger Amount Comments
R01 ACH 6001 Insufficient funds 
R03 ACH 6002 No account/unable to locate
R02 ACH 6003 Account closed
R08 ACH 6004 Stop payment
R29 ACH 6005 Corp customer adviser not authorized

Do not send real-time data like name, e-mail, phone, address, account number in the development environment. 

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