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Webhooks allow the Merchant to track events happening in Paysafe Embedded wallet. The following object changes can be tracked using webhooks:

  • Customer restrictions - Events related to customer restriction changes

  • Transactions - Events related to Embedded Wallet transaction status changes

  • Accounts - Update to customer accounts. This event is used to track IBAN assignments.

  • Payment Instruments - Tracks payment instrument status changes.

  • Payment Handle - The webhook is sent when there's an update on the Payment Handle. The eventType signifies the change that occurred.

It is the Merchant responsibility to:

  • expose API endpoints for web hook handling
  • configure the webhook root URL with Paysafe
  • ensure the availability of the endpoints to receive the webhooks

Webhook Signature

The webhook notification contains a signature header calculated using the following algorithm:

  • digest = HMAC_SHA256 (hmacKey, UTF 8 string containing the JSON webhook request body)
  • signature = base 64 encode (digest)

The code receiving the webhook needs to repeat this algorithm and compare the value generated with the value received in the header.

Example Header:

Signature: UMaQ4h635wUc4hp60Z5ASBC/5UtqKybAldOkLv6ngc0=

Notifications Resend

Notification resend API allows the Merchant to request re-sending of events that have already been sent and delivered successfully to the Merchant.

This could be used in cases some issue in merchant system prevented proper event processing.