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As an ISV / Paysafe Partner, you will need to complete all of the below "merchant" steps on behalf of the Parent Merchant Legal Entity (PMLE) that your merchants will be operating under.

If you are integrating to our merchant onboarding with Accounts API v1, you will need to include the following Google Pay API TOS link - - to the merchant terms and conditions acknowledgement checkbox text that you are adding to your application UI. For example, “I agree to the Merchant Terms and Conditions and to the following additional Google Pay API Terms of Service located at:".

If you are a business and want to offer Google Pay services to allow your customers to make purchases, you can integrate with Google Pay APIs along with Paysafe REST APIs to quickly start processing transactions. Google Pay services collect order and payment data which then should to be passed to your server and to the Paysafe REST APIs, so that the transaction can be processed by the Paysafe payment platform.

This guide explains how to process payments using the Google Pay API and Paysafe REST APIs. Follow these simple steps to start processing transactions on web:

Before you Begin

  1. Sign up for a Paysafe Test account, if you don't already have one.
  2. The merchant should register with Google as Google Pay merchant at following the steps described there. In return, Google grants a unique Google Pay merchant ID needed for production purposes.
  3. Get your two Paysafe API keys.

Google Pay Usage Guidelines

The following links provide information on the correct usage of Google and Google Pay collateral in your products, including in your apps, web sites, and marketing materials.


Sign Up for a Paysafe Test Account

Click SIGN UP and create a Test account.

Google Pay supports cards registered with Google as PAN_ONLY and CRYPTOGRAM_3DS, i.e. credit and debit cards registered with your consumer's Google Payment account or through the consumer's Google Pay application. Processing PAN_ONLY cards is possible by default upon registering a Test Paysafe account. To get enabled for processing CRYPTORAM_3DS cards, please contact our Support team. On Production, the card type that is supported, whether it’s CRYPTOGRAM_3DS/PAN_ONLY or both, depends on your acquirer. For more information on PAN_ONLY and CRYPTOGRAM_3DS, click here.

To process Google Pay transactions with Paysafe, you must set your Gateway ID as Paysafe when integrating with Google Pay.