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The Payment Scheduler API allows you to integrate subscriptions, memberships, repeat services and more into your website, and then manage their recurring payment plans and customer subscriptions within Paysafe’s payment platform. With the ability to quickly configure and launch new offers, dial in best pricing, upsell one-time products, and entice customers through trial periods and discounted promotions, you can launch, manage and scale your subscription business through a single integration to the Payment Scheduler API. You have full visibility throughout the subscription lifecycle, from future to active, suspended, canceled, or expired. This visibility enables you to easily manage subscribers and their subscriptions and gives you full control, including the ability to update pricing and product combinations.

  • Choose an efficient, lightweight, and fast integration method to access our API.
  • Implement a wide variety of REST-based API requests – including creating, updating and deleting plans and subscriptions.
  • Obtain output in JSON format – it’s easy to parse in a large variety of Web and mobile applications.
  • Use any language or platform to make requests through standard HTTP protocols.

Payment Scheduler Flow

  1. Create Plans
    • Fully customizable billing cycles --> daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.
    • Add customizable trial periods.
    • Configure auto retry logic.
    • Include add-on products & services, e.g. premium support or warranty plans, one-time product purchases, setup fees, etc.
  2. Create Customer Subscriptions
  3. Perform Lookups
  4. Update Plans
    • Update plan amounts - you are advised to keep any increase in plan amount to less than 20%, as per card scheme guidelines.
    • Discontinue a plan.
    • Update retry logic.
  5. Update Customer Subscriptions
    • Update subscription amount - you are advised to keep any increase in plan amount to less than 20%, as per card scheme guidelines.
    • Add additional cycles.
    • Apply customer discounts to resolve possible customer issues or reward valued customers.
    • Suspend a customer subscription – when re-activating, last failed/ canceled payment will be re-attempted and remaining cycles will continue with respect to the original scheduled payment date.
    • Cancel a customer subscription.
  6. Receive real-time notifications on the status of events
    • Scheduled Payments.
    • Retries.
    • Trial Periods.
    • Subscription suspensions & cancellations.
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