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API Endpoints

The API endpoint (URI or URL) must point to either the Test or Production (live) environment.

  • Test API endpoint
    For example:
  • Production API endpoint
    For example:

API Endpoint Patterns

The Payment Scheduler API allows you to manage recurring payments using the REST protocol. The protocol uses JSON for all requests and responses.

The following request types are supported:

  • [Subscriptions]
  • [Plans]

API Endpoint

Resource patterns

Endpoint URL Description Action
/plans Create a Plan POST
/plans Get All Plans GET
/plans/{id} Get Plan by ID GET
/plans/{id} Patch Plan PATCH
/plans/{planId}/subscriptions Create a Subscription POST
/subscriptions/{id} Patch Subscription PATCH
/subscriptions Get All Subscriptions GET
/subscriptions/{id} Get Subscription by ID GET