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Improve Transaction Success Rate

Paysafe Checkout lets you improve the transaction success rate by providing you the ability to salvage a failed payment using an alternate payment method. Paysafe Checkout’s in-built capabilities identify the card transactions that are likely to be declined and then suggest your customers an alternate payment method. This would potentially increase the success rate of the transactions.

Transaction Salvage functionality applies only to iGaming merchants.

Request Packet Details

You need to pass Card Payment Handle creation details and Salvage object in request packet. Salvage object contains a few parameters along with Payment handle details of the payment method which you want to offer as a salvage payment method to customer.

Below is the outer structure of the request packet.

For Card Payment Handle Details, refer create-a-payment-handle


<card payment handle details>

"salvage": {

"enable": true,

"threshold": 60,

"paymentType": "<payment method name>",

"<payment method name>": {

<payment handle creation details>"




Salvage Parameter Details

Parameter Required Type Description
enable true boolean Using this parameter, merchant can tell us whether salvage flow is to be triggered or not
threshold true number

Maximum value of the card decline rate. If the card decline rate crosses threshold, salvage flow will be triggered.

(Card decline rate: Paysafe has the repository of BINs with their respective decline rate for iGaming MCC. The decline rate is calculated by leveraging logic and data shared by card acquirer/processor)

paymentType true enumeration

Salvage payment method to be offered to customer:







<payment method name>

It will be one of the below values and must be same as paymentType

  • paysafecash

  • paysafecard

  • vip preferred

  • sightline

  • skrill

  • paypal

true object

This is salvage payment handle creation details. Click on each hyperlink mentioned below to understand the parameters to be passed of respective payment method


PH : Payment Handle

Salvage PH: Salvage payment method payment handle

Response Packet Details:

In response, you will receive Payment handle of the either Card payment method or Salvage payment method. Use this payment handle in Payments call to process the transaction. Refer links to understand the details: Payment Handle Response & Payments Call 

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