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Configure 3DS

Paysafe supports 3DS to comply with Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) regulation under the Payment Service Directive (PSD2). The 3D Secure protocol introduces an additional layer of verification and protects you from liability for fraudulent card payments and makes online payments more secure.

Paysafe Checkout lets you easily configure the 3DSs settings with the click of a mouse button. You can choose to skip 3DS for all customer transactions completely, or you can even set a certain limit to enforce 3DS authentication.

  • Skip 3DS
  • Set Limit

Skip 3DS

To skip 3DS authentication fully, follow the procedure below:

  1. Log in to the Business Portal

  2. Navigate to Configurations in the left pane

  3. Click Configurations

  4. Click 3D Secure Configurations

  5. In Configure your 3DS Preferences section, select Yes to skip. Select No to allow 3DS authentication

Set Limit for 3DS

You can set a transaction amount limit to enforce 3DS authentication.

To do that, select Yes to skip 3DS authentication up to a set limit. If the transaction amount is less than or equal to (in USD) field, enter a specific amount in dollars.

Let’s say you specified $100. Paysafe Checkout will skip applying 3DS authentication for all transactions below $100.

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