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Process Refunds

Refunds are used to return money to a customer for settled payments. When you process a refund, funds are transferred from the merchant’s account to a customer’s account. You can initiate either a full or a partial refund.

There are two ways to process a refund:

  1. Using the Payments API

  2. On the Business Portal

With Payments API

You must initiate a POST request to the refunds endpoint.


To process a refund, you need to include the id returned in the Settlement request (or the Payment request, if you chose to authorize and settle the amount in the same request) as the value for settlement_id.

Refunds can only be done for payments that are settled.

With Business Portal

Perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to Business Portal to search transactions.
  2. Go to Activities and view transaction details.
  3. Process the refund by clicking Issue a refund. You can return a partial amount or leave the amount unchanged to issue full refund.
  4. Click Continue to review the refund, then click Issue Refund.