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Process Settlements

The payment Settlement is a process through which a merchant receives the money paid by the Customer for a specific product or service offered. There are two types of Settlements:

  • Auto Settlement

  • Manual Settlement

When the Customer completes a payment, the funds are immediately transferred to your (merchant) account in the case of auto settlement. In this case, no further action is required by the merchant. Auto settlement happens when the parameter settleWithAuth is set to true. By default, the settleWithAuth is true.

A merchant must manually settle a purchase request in the case of manual settlement. Manual settlement happens when the parameter settleWithAuth is false.

When a payment is authorized, the funds are guaranteed by the issuer, and the amount is held on the Customer’s card for up to seven days. If the Payment is not captured within this time, the Payment is cancelled, and funds are released.

To process a Settlement, you must initiate a POST request to the settlements endpoint using the Payment Id.


See our full API documentation for a complete description of the parameters required for the Settlement request.

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