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Onboarding Pending

This report captures status information of all applications / accounts under a partner that are pending during the onboarding process (excludes terminal statuses i.e. Withdrawn, Enabled, Rejected in Risk).

The report also captures the following statuses:

  • Simplified Onboarding App form: ‘Registration pending’, ‘Business info pending’, ‘Owner Info pending’, ‘KYC check pending’, ‘Bank Info Pending’, ‘Bank Documents Pending’, ‘Submit Pending’.
  • Credit Underwriting: ‘Processing’, ‘Approved’ (excludes terminal statuses i.e. ‘Withdrawn’, ‘Enabled’, ‘Disabled’, ‘Rejected in Risk’).

Creation Date

This report processes two sets of data - a) Before the application is submitted b) After the application is submitted. The creation date definition varies for these two sets of data.

  • CREATION_DATE (before the application is submitted): If the application is not submitted, the creation date corresponds to the day when the application was first accessed by the merchant.
  • CREATION_DATE (after the application is submitted): Once the application is submitted, the creation date corresponds to the day when the application is actually submitted.

There are a number of fields that get populated only after the application is submitted. These fields will have the value "NA" before the application is submitted: PRODUCT_NAME,PRODUCT_ID,ACCOUNT_ID,ACCOUNT_NAME,LEGAL_NAME,COUNTRY,PROCESSING_CURRENCY,BUSINESS_CATEGORY, LAST_COMMENT_ENTERED, ON_HOLD_INDICATOR,ON_HOLD_REASON_CODE,ON_HOLD_REASON, NOTE, APPLICANT_EMAIL).

By default the report returns data for CREATION_DATE = (Current date (UTC) - 30 days) to Current date

Column Column Header Description Definition
B PARTNER_NAME Name of the ISV Partner


ID number of the ISV Partner
D PRODUCT_NAME ISV Partner Product Name (Product = Payfac Link or Account Management API)
E PRODUCT_ID ID number of the Product page in Geneva/Netbanx
F ACCOUNT_ID FMA # of the account boarded
G ACCOUNT_NAME DBA name of the account boarded
H CREATION_DATE Date when the FMA was created / Date the Application was started
I LEGAL_NAME Legal name of the account boarded
J COUNTRY Country of the account boarded
K PROCESSING_CURRENCY Processing currency of the account boarded
L BUSINESS_CATEGORY MCC (Merchant Category Code) of the account boarded
N LAST_COMMENT_ENTERED Comments from Ops or Risk team
O ON_HOLD_INDICATOR Notates if there are Payment Holds
P ON_HOLD_REASON_CODE Reason code for Hold
Q ON_HOLD_REASON Hold Reason code definition
R NOTE Additional Notes
S APPLICANT_EMAIL Email address of merchant applicant
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