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Paysafe does not offer WooCommerce plugin, but you can extend your WooCommerce installation to use Paysafe Card Payments API by plugin, developed and maintained by 3rd party vendors. One such plugin is created and maintained by third-paty developer VanboDevelops. In case of support enquiries, please contact VanboDevelops directly. Note that Paysafe does not participate in the development of the plugin and is not liable for support.

The module supports Paysafe CheckoutDirect DebitCustomer Vault, and 3DS, as well as Subscriptions and Pre-Orders with the relevant WooCommerce additions.

This topic describes how to install and configure the plugin. Information regarding supported versions and other can be found on the plugin page.

Click here for instructions on how to set up a WooCommerce online store.

These instructions assume that you have a Paysafe merchant account.

Installing the Plugin

1. Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account.

2. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New and Upload Plugin with the file you downloaded with Choose File.

3. Install Now and Activate the extension.

Configuring Plugin Settings

To configure the plugin:

  1. Log in to the Paysafe merchant back-end using the credentials that were emailed to you after you created your Paysafe merchant account.

  2. In the menu, click Settings. Click API Key to display your Paysafe API key Username and Password.

    Note: Make copies of them for use later.

    For more information on API keys, including how to obtain them, see Using your API Key.

    Get API keys

  3. Log in to your store administration interface and navigate to WooCommerce > Settings:

    Navigate to WooCommerce settings

  4. Click Payments tab from the Paysafe Checkout API under Payment Methods, as illustrated below:

    Payments tab

  5. Click Manage to go to the following screen:

  6. In the above screen, configure the following settings:

    Field Name Description
    Integration Type Select Checkout API Note: The Hosted Payments API is still functional but it is now deprecated in favor of the newer Checkout API.
    Enable/Disable Select the checkbox to enable plugin.
    Sandbox Select Sandbox Mode for testing purposes and Live Mode for live processing.
    Method Title Type a name for the payment gateway displayed to the customer in the checkout screen; for example, Paysafe or Credit/Debit Card.
    Description Specify description of the payment method displayed in the checkout screen. For example: Pay securely using your credit/debit card.
    API Key: User Name Specify your API key user name.
    API Key: Password Specify your API key password.
    Single-Use Token: User Name Specify your single-use token API key username.
    Single-Use Token: Password Specify your single-use token API key password.
    Card Account IDs Select your processing currency, and type your merchant account number in the field on the right.
    3D Secure Select the checkbox to enable 3DS authentication for card payments.
    Direct Debit Account IDs Select your processing currency, and type your merchant account number in the field on the right.
    Payment Pages Language Select the language for browsing – US English or French Canadian.
    Authorization Type Select between Authorization Only or Sale to pick between deferred and immediate capture of funds.
    Accepted Cards Select whichever cards you are configured for and desire to support.
    Saved Cards Select the checkbox to enable the customer vault.
    Vault Profile Prefix Specify a unique prefix for customer vault IDs.
    Save Card Checkbox Default State Select Checked or Unchecked to set the default state of the 'Save card?' checkbox displayed to a customer.
    Save Your Payment Method Text Specify a message to display to customers when asking if they would like to save their card details for future transactions.
    Layover Image Optionally provide a link to a 56x56 pixel image to be displayed in the payment layover.
    Merchant Name Optionally provide a merchant name to appear in the payment layover.
    Button Color Optionally enter a hex color value for the payment layover button.
    Default Payment Method Optionally select Cards or Direct Debit to choose the default payment method to display in the payment layover.
    Test and Debug Settings Select the checkbox to generate log files.
  7. Click Save changes.

    If you chose Sandbox Mode, you can now test your setup with a dummy credit card. If you chose Live Mode you will need to use a real credit card.