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A transaction is considered a “card present” if payment details are captured in person at the time of the sale. In these transactions, cards are physically swiped, tapped, or dipped through a reader, or an EMV chip is processed. These transactions are considered more secure than card-not-present transactions since a merchant can view the buyer, the card, and its signature.

The following are some of the benefits of card-present transactions:

  • Reduces risks and costs per transaction.

  • Better security during transactions for both businesses and consumers as the card doesn’t leave the customer’s hand

  • Less fraud

  • Better Liability during transactions

Paysafe omnichannel payments platform is a comprehensive solution for payment processing offering our ISVs the flexibility to build robust point of sales systems to meet merchant needs across all payment channels. From in store payments, ecommerce, to subscription businesses, to platforms and marketplaces, we offer a complete API stack for all your payments needs across channels.

With Paysafe Omnichannel API stack, the ISV is able to build innovative POS systems where their merchants are able to sell everywhere the customers are, and manage everything right in Paysafe portal.

Paysafe omnichannel platform supports and simplifies operations for greater efficiency, speeding up the deployment of new payment methods across markets, giving more opportunities for growth and innovation.