Credit Card Test Environment

The Optimal Payments Test environment can be used by our merchants to test their web sites or applications without actually running transactions through the payment processing engine. This allows merchants to make sure that their systems are working correctly before using our live environment.

Please note that credit card transactions processed in the Test environment are not sent to the banking network, but through a simulator. Depending on the information provided with the transaction request, the simulator returns either a successful (approved) or failed (declined) response.

Please read the sections below to understand how the Test environment works.

Test Account Information

Your Test account information (storeID, storePwd, and accountNum) is different from the information for your live account. This is done for security purposes, to protect your real information.

Test Server Links

Send test transactions to the following URLs:

Web Services WSDLs and Links 1.0 (Direct Debit and Credit Cards)

Recurring Billing

The URL for the test back office is:

To go to our live environment, you must remove "test" from the URLs.

Test Cards

In the test environment, only the card numbers we provide below work properly.

Do not use real card numbers or other payment instrument details in the Merchant test environment as it is not compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS), and does not protect cardholder/payee information. Any upload of real cardholder data is strictly prohibited, as described in the Terms of Use.

Card Type Card numbers
Visa 4530910000012345 4510150000000321
Visa Electron 4917480000000008 4917484589897107
Visa Debit Canada 4506440000000017 4724090000011237
Mastercard Debit (Maestro) 6759950000000162 5036150000001115
Mastercard 5191330000004415 5457490000008763
Amex 370123456789017 375529360131002
Discover 6011234567890123
JCB 3569990000000009
Laser 6706952343050001237 6706952343050001161
Laser 6304000000000018 63040000000000026
Laser 630400000000000018 6304000000000000026
Laser 6304000000000000026 6709000000000000026

Expiry Date

Use any date in the future (e.g., 11/20)

3D Secure

You must have your test account configured for 3D Secure before you can use the 3D Secure test cards. The following cards can be used to simulate an enrolled card with the 3D Secure platform (Verified by Visa and Mastercard SecureCode):

  • Visa – 4000000000000002
  • Visa – 4000000000000010
  • Mastercard – 5200000000000007

For an expiry date for 3D Secure transactions, use 01/2011 (where the year is the current year incremented by 1).

Test Bank Account Information

On the Test environment, only the card numbers we provide below work properly. If you use a real credit card number, we cannot guarantee the response you will receive.

  • Account Number – Any value

  • Routing Number – Use 222371863, 307075259, or 052000113 (any live routing number will work – nothing hits the bank from our Test environment)
  • Bank Account Number – Any number (just remember to keep them unique per account/routing number combination)

Hard-Coded Responses

The following amounts will cause either approval or various declines with the cards mentioned above:

Amount Response
0.04 Error 3015: Soft Decline (Call)
0.05 Error 3009: Decline by issuing bank
0.90 Approved with 5-second delay
0.91 Approved with 10-second delay
0.92 Approved with 15-second delay
0.93 Approved with 20-second delay
0.94 Approved with 25-second delay
0.95 Approved with 30-second delay
0.96 Approved with 35-second delay
0.97 Approved with 40-second delay
0.98 Approved with 45-second delay
0.99 Approved with 50-second delay
1.00+ Approved

Simulating AVS Responses

By default, all transactions will have an AVS response of "X" (address information matches).

In order to simulate a different response, add the response code you wish to be returned in front of the value you include for the street parameter. For example, if you provided "N 123 Broadway" as the address, the AVS response would be "N". In that case the transaction would fail with error code 212 since "N" means "No part of the address matches". Please use the table below for reference.

AVS Code Explanation
X Exact. Nine-digit zip code and address match.
Y Yes. Five-digit zip code and address match.
A Address matches, but zip code does not.
W Nine-digit zip code matches, but address does not.
Z Five-digit zip code matches, but address does not.
N No part of the address matches.
U Address information is unavailable.
R Retry. System unable to process.
S AVS not supported.
E AVS not supported for this industry.
B AVS not performed.
Q Unknown response from issuer / banknet switch.

Simulating CVD responses

In order to simulate a CVD response, provide a specific CVD value with the transaction. Please use the table below for reference.

CVD Value CVD Response Code Description
111 M Match
222 P Not processed
333 S Value should be on card, but was not provided
444 U Issue not certified
555 Q Unknown response
666 N No match

Testing by Amount

Amount DirectPayment Protocol (namepairs) Error,Suberror Webservices XML, XML Post, Error Description
0.01 N/A 0 Approved
0.06 2,0 1007 Clearing house timeout (although the simulator returns immediately; if you want a delay, see amount 0.66)
0.11 221,1059 3022 Decline Insufficient Funds
0.12 221,1090 3023 Activity Decline. "Your request has been declined by the issuing bank due to its proprietary card activity regulations" Issuer RISK Decline
0.13 221,1091 3024 Transaction not permitted for card Issuer RISK Decline
0.20 101 1007 Internal Error, pre auth
0.23 34,4000 Risky Transaction, declined by the Risk Management Rules Engine.
0.24 212 3007 AVS Failure (Internal AVS)
0.25 34,1007 4001 Neg DB - Card has issued a chargeback

Error Messages

Detailed error messages can be found in the Response Codes section of the online documentation.

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