Prefilling Consumer Details

It is possible for a merchant to send some of the consumer's data to Paysafecash so that the consumer registration form at Paysafecash is prefilled. This will streamline the registration process for the consumer.

If you want to use this feature, you must clearly indicate on your e-commerce site that the consumer's data will be shared with Paysafecash.

To send consumer data to Paysafecash, you must include the billingDetails and profile objects in your Authorized Payment request, as shown in the following example. You can include some or all of the parameters included in the example.

If any billingDetails or profile fields are passed in the Authorized Payment request, Paysafe will store them and relay them to Paysafecash when the merchant redirects the consumer to the payment URL returned in the redirect_payment link. These fields will then be prefilled in the Paysafecash form that is opened for the consumer.

Prefilled Paysafecash Form

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