API Reference

Our detailed API Reference section provides full information on all endpoints and JSON objects used.

The Alternate Payments API operations are summarized in the table below:

Operation Details


Initiate a payment request using an alternate payment method.
Verifications Conduct a preliminary check to verify the consumer's request before initiating a payment request.
Void Authorizations Reverse (cancel) an existing payment authorization, provided no settlements have been processed against that payment.
Settlements Initiate a settlement, which is the process of capturing funds from a previous authorization request.
Returns Look up returns, which are created by Paysafe if we receive a no credit notification from the service provider.
Return Reversals Look up return reversals, which are automatically created by Paysafe if we receive a late credit notification after issuing a return.
Refunds Initiate a refund request, which allows you to refund back to a customer an amount that has previously been settled.
Standalone Credits Issue a credit transfer to a consumer without requiring a previous payment request.
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