Account Balances

The Business Portal offers an integrated view of your account statements and IFRs (interchange fee report) in the Account Balances section. You can view and manage your account statements and interchange fee reports in the Account Statements page.

  1. The Account Statements page has Balance Summary and Account Activity sections.

  2. In the Balance Summary, you can see details like Total Balance, Current Balance, Fee Balance, and Funding Method.

  3. The aggregation levels of NET funding and Gross Funding are different. Typically, for Gross Funding the aggregations are shown in months.

  4. The Account Activity area shows the activity that happened in the account in a one month period.

Account Activity

You can view the activity in an account in the Account Activity section. You can filter the records for a selected account using the Date Range and Payment Method fields.

  1. Specify a date range from the Date Range drop-down list and click Apply.

  2. Select the Payment Method from the list. If there are multiple payment methods then this list contains them as well.

  3. Click Apply to filter the account activity as per the selected date range and payment method.

  4. Select Current or Fee to view the fee only transactions.

  5. Click the Download icon to download the Account Activity records in PDF format.

Interchange Fee Report

The Interchange Fee Report(IFR) section is introduced to be in line with the regulations. By default, the interchange fee records are shown for the recent one-month period. You can also filter the reports using the Account Id field. After filtering the fee reports, you can download the reports using the Download option.

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