Searching Transactions

You can search, filter, and view your transaction records and the activity history using Transactions in the Business Portal. This section contains both Activity Reports and Dispute Reports (previously called as Chargeback reports).

Activity Reports

  1. To launch the Search screen, click Transactions in the left navigation sidebar.

  2. You can search for a particular transaction using the transaction ID or the merchant transaction ID. You can choose to view only the Approved/Declined transactions by selecting the corresponding radio button, and clicking Apply. For instance, select Approved and click Apply. The Business Portal displays the following results to you:

  1. Select a reporting currency from the list. This is the currency the merchant can select to view their data/transactions in a single currency. If a merchant processes in multiple currencies, selecting EUR in reporting currency field would show all their transactions in EUR in an aggregated view, a further drill-down into the transaction shows the processing currency.

  2. The results display the details like transaction type, amount, status, These fields are populated based on the applicability to a particular transaction.

  3. Select the Currency from the list.

  4. Click the Open (+ icon) to see the transaction details.

Applying a Wide Range of Filters

You can filter your transactions using the following:

  • Date Range

  • Payment Method

  • Processing Account ID

  • Transaction Type

  • Transaction Status

  • Card Type

  • Card Category

  • Auth Code

  • Transaction ID

  • Merchant Transaction ID

  • ARN

  • Amount from

  • Amount to

  • Customer First Name

  • Customer Last Name

  • Customer Email

This is illustrated in the screen below:

By default, you can view transactions of the last 14 days without applying any filter. In the above screen, you can select a range of filters and apply them to view the transactions correspondingly.

Transactions Summary

The Summary section shows different types of transactions.

  1. Select a Currency from the list.

  2. Click Open icon to see the related transactions.

Dispute Reports

In the dispute reports tab, you can view all types of dispute reports in the Business Portal. You can download the different types of reports in CSV format using the Download option.

The available report types in this section are:

  • All chargeback reports

  • All Chargeback reversals

  • All disputed chargebacks

  • All disputed chargebacks - lost

  • All disputed chargebacks - won

  • All retrieval requests

To search for a dispute report:

  1. Select a date range using the Calendar icon.

  2. Select an account ID from the list. You can also select all the account ID.

  3. Select a Report Type from the list. There are six types of dispute reports available in the portal.

  4. Click Apply.

  1. Under the Record ID column, click on the eye icon to view a snapshot view of the report and click on the record number to open the dispute report in a new tab.

  1. To download a report from the Dispute Reports screen, select a report and click Download.

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