View Account Statements

In the Account Statements page, you can see a holistic view of your accounts. You can view details about an account like Current Balance, Next Payment Amount, Last Payment Amount, Account Activity.

  • The Account Statements page displays two sections - Balance Summary and Account Activity.

    • In the Balance Summary section, you can see details like Total Account Balance, Next Funding Amount, and Next Funding Date.

    • In the Account Activity section, you can view the account activity for a specific date range and account statement type.

View Account Activity

You can view the activity in an account in the Account Activity section. You can filter the records for a selected account using the Date Range and Payment Method fields.

  1. Specify a date range from the Date Range drop-down list and click Apply.

  2. Select the Payment Method from the list. Multiple payment methods can be available in this list.

  3. Click Apply.

  4. Select Current or Fee.

  5. Click the Download icon to download the Account Activity records in PDF format.

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