Integrate with Paysafe Products

Integrate with Paysafe's payment engine using a single endpoint to process a full suite of REST-based methods. The Paysafe Payments API allows merchants to accept payments via multiple payment methods using a single endpoint integration. This also allows you to add new payment methods to your account later with minimal or no development effort.

To launch the Integrate screen, click Integrate in the left navigation bar.

This chapter describes the following topics:

  • API Documentation

  • API Keys

Access API Documentation

You can directly access Paysafe's API documentation from the Business Portal. Your integrations team can explore documentation related to API integration, its setup and then post questions to our developer community. To access the API documentation, click API Documentation in the left sidebar.

Obtain API Keys

You can find API keys required for integrating with the Paysafe APIs. You can copy or refresh the public and secret API keys here. However, to access the secret API keys, you must authenticate with your login credentials.

  1. Click Authenticate Now.

  2. The Authenticate dialog appears.

  3. Specify your password and click Authenticate to access your secret API keys.

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