Transaction Analytics

The Transaction Analytics page provides a visualized view of all the business transactions in the form of pre-built dashboards. The Reports screen has two primary tabs – Overview and Trendline.

  • In the Overview tab, you can view the transaction data for both Credit/Debit Card and ACH transactions.

  • In the Trendline tab, you can view different pre-built KPI reports like authorization, declined, payments footprint, transaction status reports.

You can apply a range of filters like dates, territories, currencies, payment methods, and processing account ids and customize the reports. The reports obtained from Paysafe contain data about your transactions that are more than 24 hours old.

Reporting Currency: This is the currency the merchant can select to view their data/transactions in a single currency. If a merchant processes in multiple currencies, selecting EUR in reporting currency field shows all their transactions in EUR in an aggregated view, a further drill-down into the transaction shows the processing currency.

View Reports Overview

The Overview section gives you a ringside view of your Overall transactions, Average Volume, and Transactions.

The Overall transactions section also displays a small trend graph, indicating if the performance has gone up or down. A green arrow indicates improvement, and red shows decline. The graphs show the data averaged per day for all payment methods.

Depending on the payment methods you have integrated, different sections corresponding to each payment method appear with the average transaction metrics. The toggle switch allows you to switch between average transaction count and volume metrics.

To filter the reports:

  1. Select a date range and other filters

  2. Click Apply.

  3. Click Reset to reset the filters to the default settings. By default, data from the last 14 days is populated with the reporting currency set to USD.

Note: If historical data is not present for the metric, the trend graph does not populate.

View Trendline Reports

The trendline tab consists of a set of graphs built on transaction data. The charts available on the Business Portal currently are:

  • Authorization Completed
  • Authorization Volume
    • Split into card schemes and category
  • Declined transactions by payment method

  • Click on Transactions/Total Volumes at the bottom filters of the respective data in the chart.

  • Some charts also have filters to sort the data by transaction type, status and so on.

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