Validate a Credit Card

POST /cardpayments/v1/accounts/account_id/verifications

This request verifies that the customer's card is valid, but without actually charging an amount on the card. For example, you may want to verify a credit card before adding it to a customer profile for future billing transactions.

You can also use the request to verify that a payment token, which represents a credit card, is valid – a check you should perform before attempting to convert a temporary, single-use token into a permanent payment token. Single-use tokens are valid for only 15 minutes and are not consumed by verification. See the API Reference section for further information.

To process a verification, you must initiate a POST request to the verifications endpoint with a card object containing the card details you wish to check.

Request Example
curl -X POST \
  -u devcentre322:B-qa2-0-53625f86-302c021476f52bdc9deab7aea876bb28762e62f92fc6712d0214736abf501e9675e55940e83ef77f5c304edc7968 \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d ' {
        "merchantRefNum": "merchant ABC-444",
                "card": {
                        "cardNum": "4111111111111111",
                        "cardExpiry": {
                                "month": 2,
                                "year": 2027
                        "cvv": "123"
                "profile": {
                        "firstName": "Joe",
                        "lastName": "Smith",
                        "email": ""
                "billingDetails": {
                        "street": "100 Queen Street West",
                        "city": "Toronto",
                        "state": "ON",
                        "country": "CA",
                        "zip": "M5H2N2"
                "customerIp": "",
                "description": "This is a test transaction"
                } '

By default the card processing system will check for duplicate transactions.

Prior to trying the example, you should:

  • Provide a unique merchant reference number for each transaction.
  • Replace the account number (89987201) in the URL with the test account number you received.
  • Replace the API key (after the -u) with the API key you have received.
Response Example

You will receive a response like the following:

  "merchantRefNum":"merchant ABC-444",
    "street":"100 Queen Street West",
    "zip":"M5H 2N2"
  "description":"This is a test transaction",

The response parameters not included in the initial request are described below:

Value Type Description Example
id string Unique id for this verification operation. This ID can be used to look up the result of the verification at a later date by appending the id to the verifications url as shown in the self link e50e19a6-8edd-44ec-abc4-18d0a97d51d8
links array of link objects Contains a single "self" link which can be used to fetch details about this verification at any time
card/type enum

The type of card used in the request. Possible values are:

  • AM – American Express
  • DC – Discover
  • JC – JCB
  • MC – Mastercard
  • MD – Maestro
  • SO – Solo
  • VI – Visa
  • VD – Visa Debit
  • VE – Visa Electron
card/lastDigits string Returns the last four digits of the card used in the request 1111
authCode string This is the Authorization code returned by the issuing bank 026189
txnTime string Transaction time and date in UTC format 2013-12-14T15:12:18Z
avsResponse enum

Address Verification Service Response from the card issuer:


The address in the billingDetails object in the request is verified against the address the card issuer has on file for the card.

cvvVerification enum

This is the response to the cvv submitted with the transaction request. Possible values are:

status enum

The status of the verification. Possible values are:

  • RECEIVED – Our system has received the request and is waiting for the downstream processor’s response.
  • COMPLETED – The transaction has been completed.
  • FAILED – The transaction failed, due to either an error or being declined.

currencyCode string

Three digit currency code. This is the currency of the merchant account specified in the account_id request URL parameter account_id.


See our API Reference section for further information including all possible request / response parameters.

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