Payments On-Hold

This report captures accounts under a partner that are on hold for transactions. Payments will not be processed for these accounts. The report includes data for partners who are using Simple Onboarding flow. Further, ISVs can develop the merchant onboarding pipeline and conduct appropriate analysis utilizing reports.

Creation Date

This report processes two sets of data - a) Before the merchant application is submitted b) After the merchant application is submitted. The creation date definition varies for these two sets of data.

  • CREATION_DATE (before the merchant application is submitted): If the merchant application is not submitted, the creation date corresponds to the day when the application was first accessed by the merchant.
  • CREATION_DATE (after the merchant application is submitted): Once the merchant application is submitted, the creation date corresponds to the day when the merchant application is actually submitted.

There are a number of fields that get populated only after the merchant application is submitted. These fields will have the value "NA" before the merchant application is submitted: (PRODUCT_NAME,PRODUCT_ID,ACCOUNT_ID,ACCOUNT_NAME,LEGAL NAME, COUNTRY, PROCESSING_CURRENCY, BUSINESS_CATEGORY, LAST_COMMENT_ENTERED, ON_HOLD_INDICATOR, ON_HOLD_REASON_CODE, ON_HOLD_REASON, NOTE, AMEX_MID, PROCESSING_TYPE, AGENT_PROFILE_1, AGENT_PROFILE_2, DEFAULT_BANK, ENABLED_DATE)

By default the report returns data for all the accounts in the system which are on-hold.

Column Column Descrition Definition Data Type Sample Value
B PARTNER_NAME This is the ISV Partner name String Test Partner
C ACCOUNT_ID This is the FMA # of the account boarded String 123456789
D ACCOUNT_NAME DBA name of the account boarded String Test Name
E LEGAL_NAME Legal name of the account boarded String Test Legal name
F STATE/PROVINCE State or Province location of the account boarded String Wonderland
G COUNTRY Country of the account boarded String CANADA
H CONTACT_NAME Name of contact person for the account boarded String John Doe
I WORK_PHONE_NUMBER Contact Person's Phone Number String 5555555555
J EMAIL_ADDRESS Contact Person's E-mail String
K LOCALE Language preference for communications and interfaces String en_US
L ENABLED_DATE Date the account was set to 'Enabled' status String 12:51:18 AM
M FIRST_TRANSACTION_DATE The date of the first transaction performed on the account boarded String 51:18.0
N AMOUNT_IN_CURRENT_ACCOUNT Current Balance that has not been paid out yet String
O STATUS 'Enabled' vs 'Disabled' status String Disabled
p ON_HOLD_REASON_CODE Reason code for Payments Hold String RMD
Q ON _HOLD_REASON Payments Hold Reason code definition String Require Micro Deposit
R APPLICANT_EMAIL Email address of merchant applicant String
S AUTO_SENT_EMAIL_COUNT Count of automated e-mails sent to advise of hold / reasons String 2

On-Hold Reasons

Reason Code Description
PRI Pending Risk Investigation
CIT Collection Item
MDF Micro Deposit Failed
PCW Pending Compliant Website
FMB Failed Monthly Billing
RSD Require Security Deposit
APN Merchant Payment - No Debit
RMD Require Micro Deposit
PCB Pending Compliant Website and Banking Info
MDR Micro Deposit Returned
PUA Payable upon Account Manager request
RPD Rejection/Return on Payment or Debit
INC Incomplete Application
RBI Require Banking Info
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