The Payments API helps you to easily and securely process payments from your customers using one single API – Payments API. Connect your application directly to the Payments API to process a full suite of payment methods that are REST-based.

Paysafe Payments API has:

  • Definite resource-oriented URLs
  • Receives form-encoded request bodies
  • Returns JSON-encoded responses
  • Communicates using standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

The Paysafe Payments API allows you to accept payments via multiple payment methods while using a single endpoint integration.

Paysafe also enables you to access your transaction analytics and manage accounts with our all-in-one Business Portal

Reach out to your account manager or send an email to integrations@paysafe.com to obtain your API keys for authentication. Do not signup or login to the Developer Center for API keys.

Please refer to the Paysafe Payments API Reference for the API documentation, and to execute Paysafe Payments APIs on the Test environment.

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