Payments API now supports all types of merchants. Payments API supports non-3DS cards, 3DS1.0 and 3DS2.0 credit cards. Paysafe is compliant to 3DS version 2.1.0..

Integrate Paysafe Checkout with your website or app and instantly start accepting payments from your customers. Paysafe Checkout offers a highly secure overlay while ensuring the security and PCI compliance requirements are not an overhead for you.

The Paysafe Checkout overlay opens like a form on your website/app and handles the entire user journey. With one simple integration, you can start accepting payments from multiple payment methods.

The following links allows you to integrate Paysafe Payment APIs

The Paysafe Checkout offers you the following payment features:

  1. Payment methods: Credit cards, Debit cards, Paysafecard, Paysafecash, VIP Preferred, Play+(Sightline), Skrill, Interac, Paypal, Interac eTransfer, Neteller, ACH, EFT, Apple Pay and Mazooma.
  2. Payment authentication: 3D Secure Version 1.0, 3D Secure Version 2.0.
  3. Currencies: USD
  4. Multi-Device Support: All Desktop, Mobile Browsers, For Apple Pay - (Safari).

Try Now

You can try out Checkout now by clicking the Try Now link below. You won't be charged for the transaction as it runs in the test mode.

Try Now

Use the following test card values:

  • Test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any three-digit CVC code and expiration date in the future.

To know the test details for other payment methods, contact your account manager.

Please refer to the Paysafe Payments API Reference for the API documentation, and to execute Paysafe Payments APIs on the Test environment.

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