Business Owner Identity Verification

POST /accountmanagement/v1/accounts/account_id/identity

If the following is true for your merchant, the identity of the merchant (business owner) must be verified using the Paysafe Identity Verification API for underwriting purposes before the merchant account can be activated:

  • The business owner is Canadian or American
  • The merchant account is configured by Paysafe for automated identity verification

For business owners in jurisdictions other than Canada or the U.S., Paysafe conducts the KYC (Know Your Customer) process manually, which does not affect the onboarding flow.

To verify the identity of a business owner, you must use the Account Management API to initiate a POST request to the identity endpoint. The POST request contains an identityId that you have received back from the Paysafe Identity Verification API.

Request Example
curl -X POST \
-u devcentre322:B-qa2-0-53625f86-302c021476f52bdc9deab7aea876bb28762e62f92fc6712d0214736abf501e9675e55940e83ef77f5c304edc7968 \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d ' {
  "identityId": "1076320"

Prior to trying the example above, you should:

  • Replace the account number (89987201) in the URL with the Test merchant account number you received.
  • Replace the API key (after the -u) with the API key you have received.
  • Replace the value for the identityId with the id value you received in the response from the Paysafe Identity API to the Challenge question PUT request.

Make sure that you do not use a Canadian merchant account number in conjunction with an identityId taken from the response to a U.S. Challenge question request, or vice versa. Either scenario will result in an error.

Response Example
	"identityId": "1076320",
	"links": [{
		"rel": "self",
		"href": ""

Once you have received a successful response from Paysafe, which indicates that the identity of the business owner has been successfully verified, you can move on to activate the merchant account.

See our API Reference section for a list of all the JSON attributes and types available for the identity endpoint.

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