Important Integration Concepts

This section provides details of important concepts relating to integration to and taking payments through Paysafe. Refer to the topics below for more details:

  • PCI DSS Compliance – Find out about the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and what you need to do to comply with their guidelines.
  • Authentication – Learn how to create your API key with your Paysafe user credentials and encrypt it using Base64 encoding.
  • 3D Secure – Learn more about the cardholder authentication initiative called 3D Secure, used to authenticate users during the online transaction.
  • Liability Shift with 3D Secure – Find out how cardholder authentication may protect you from liability for fraudulent transactions.
  • Recurring Payments – Learn more about options for taking recurring payments, such as subscriptions and repeat purchases, through Paysafe.
  • Integration Principles – Learn about important integration principles around API versions and backwards compatibility.
  • Global Invalid Characters – Find out what characters should never be included as values in your request parameters.
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