Reports Overview

Reports API is currently in the beta phase and intended to be used only by the pilot partners. Please reach out to your Partner Manager if you wish to be a part of the pilot project.

  • Paysafe’s Reports API provides both payment partners and merchant with an efficient and secure way to receive a link to business critical reports over webhooks.

  • Using the API, you can get the reports on a reoccurring schedule of your choice (coming soon) or adhoc.

  • Enables partners and merchants to programmatically ingest these report files into internal pipelines and use the data to drive business performance.

Features of the API

  • Download URL delivered to partner’s system via webhook

  • Partners can request for on-demand reports

  • Ingests into partner’s systems using API (once configured, no manual step needed)

  • Secure transfer as data is encrypted (HTTPS)

Generating Reports

Generating your reports is easy and they are pre-configured. You should have an account set-up to access these reports. If an account is not setup, please contact your account manager.

For New Users, Paysafe Integrations Team provides customers with the user credentials (API Keys). The Webhook Endpoints Location to deliver the reports should be configured as part of the subscription process.

You must use the conformed endpoint patterns (Provided in API endpoints section) to perform various activities like requesting a report , get any request details.

Once a particular report is requested by the user, it is generated asynchronously and the URL to download the report is sent to the pre-configured webhook.

Data Availability

Paysafe Group generates all your data on a daily basis beginning at 12:00am UTC. The data for each day is defined as account activity that takes place between 12:00am UTC and 11:59pm UTC.

Reports Processing Time
Onboarding Within 12 hours

For example, your account activity on January 1, 2021 (from 12:00am to 11:59pm UTC) is available in the onboarding reports by January 2, 2021 at 12:00pm UTC.

Users who access reports in some non-UTC timezones can experience an additional delay of a day. For example, the report for Monday will not be available until Wednesday morning when viewed in PST time zone). This is because data is processed by UTC day, and the last few hours of Monday in PST correspond to Tuesday morning in UTC. Because of this, the report cannot be made available until Tuesday's data processing is finished at 11.59 am on Wednesday.

As the Paysafe Group's data processing pipeline runs more than once in a day, in some circumstances, the morning data can be available if the report request is placed at a later part of the day.

How it Works

Step 1: Merchant should have an API key to access the reports via Reports API.

Step 2: Configure the Webhook Endpoint location (Webhook URL) using the API Key via Subscription API.

Step 3: User can request a report on demand. (Submit a Report Request) .

Step 4: Reports API generates the report and sends the URL of the generated report to the configured webhook.

Step 5: User can download the Requested Report.

The following flow diagram illustrates the information flow:

Authentication Mechanism

For authentication mechanism details, refer to the following link here.

Types of Reports

You can receive the following set of diverse reports:

The following table outlines the usage matrix of the reports:

Report Name Report Id Merchant ISV Applicable Regions
Onboarding Status onboarding Not Applicable Yes Europe and North America
Onboarding Holds onboarding_hold_report Not Applicable Yes Europe and North America
Onboarding Pending onboarding_pending Not Applicable Yes Europe and North America
Payments On-Hold payment_hold_report Not Applicable Yes Europe and North America
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