Look Up All Subscriptions Belonging to a Merchant

GET /subscriptionsplans/v1/subscriptions

You can generate a summary of all your subscriptions with a single GET request. The response will contain an array that lists all your subscriptions, as well as meta data that shows you how many subscriptions you have (the numberOfRecords element).

"_meta": {
"numberOfRecords": 2,
"limit": 10,
"page": 1

In addition, each subscription in the response array will contain two helpful href links:

  • A link to the plan that the subscription refers to
  • A link to the profile from the Paysafe Customer Vault from which the paymentToken was taken

"links": [
"rel": "self",
"href": "https://api.test.paysafe.com/subscriptionsplans/v1/subscriptions/5e2ea47e-9c68-4028-bebc-e8771ac070de{?expand}"
"rel": "plan",
"href": "https://api.test.paysafe.com/subscriptionsplans/v1/plans/a7046016-902e-4113-9ee3-bb7c54a1e968"
"rel": "profile",
"href": "https://api.test.paysafe.com/customervault/v1/profiles/5248c1f8-dcce-4b14-a7ee-121542a86214"

To look up all your subscriptions, you must initiate a GET request to the subscriptions endpoint.

Prior to trying the example, you should replace the API key (after the -u) with the Test API key you received.

For a description of the elements in the request and response for this example, see Create a Subscription.

For a complete list and description of the elements and values associated with a subscription, consult the subscription creation API request.

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