API Endpoints

The API endpoint (URI or URL) must point to either the Test or Production (live) environment.

  • Test API endpoint: https://api.test.paysafe.com/
    For example: https://api.test.paysafe.com/subscriptionsplans/monitor
  • Production API endpoint: https://api.paysafe.com/
    For example: https://api.paysafe.com/subscriptionsplans/monitor

API Endpoint Patterns

The API endpoints typically conform to a pattern similar to the example below:


Replace the elements in the API endpoint example above as follows:

Element Usage


Use test for a test transaction. Remove the word test for a live transaction.

If required for the request, replace with the unique plan ID, which is returned in the response to your initial plan creation request. For some subscription requests, this will be a subscription ID, which is the unique ID returned in the response to your initial subscription creation request.


Replace with the type of API request, such as plans or subscriptions.

v1 This is the version of the API. Currently all APIs are on version 1.

The following table lists endpoints for typical requests for the Subscriptions API.

API Request Used To Endpoint Pattern

Create Plans

Create a plan to be used as part of a subscription.


Copy Plans Create a copy or a new version of an existing plan.


Get Plans Look up a plan.


Update Plans Update a plan.


Activate Plans Activate a plan to be used in a subscription.


Delete Plans Delete a plan that does not have any subscriptions associated with it.


Create Subscriptions Create a subscription based on a previously created plan.


Get Subscriptions Look up a subscription.


Update Subscriptions Update a subscription.


Cancel a Subscription

Cancel a subscription that was set up for a consumer.


Delete a Subscription Delete a subscription that does not have any payments associated with it.


In the above examples:

  • plan_id represents the unique id returned in response to a plan creation request.
  • subscription_id represents the unique id returned in response to a subscription creation request.
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