Google Pay Setup

Sign Up for a Test Account

Click SIGN UP and create a Paysafe Test account.

Click here to view the countries where Paysafe currently supports Android Pay.

Get Enabled for Google Pay

Google Pay transactions support cards registered with Android Pay and cards on file at Google, i.e., credit and debit cards registered with your consumer's Google Account. Even if your consumer doesn't have the Android Pay application on their device, or their region does not support it, you can use the Paysafe Android SDK to process card-on-file transactions. If your consumer has both the Android Pay application on their mobile device and a Google Account registered with one or more cards, the consumer is presented with both card types at checkout.

To process Google Pay transactions with Paysafe, you must set your Gateway ID as follows when integrating with Google Pay: gateway:paysafe

Get Your API Keys

  • When you registered for a Test merchant account on the Paysafe Developer Center, you received an API key for server-to-server API calls.
  • When you registered with Paysafe to process transactions from an Android mobile device, you received an API key for sending requests to the Customer Vault to generate single-use tokens to use when processing Android Pay and Android mobile device transactions through the Paysafe Card Payments API.

You can get both of these API keys in our Merchant Back Office, under Settings > API Key.

Getting Your API Keys

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