Integration Options

There are two ways to integrate with Paysafe in order to process transactions within your Android app:

  1. Using the Paysafe Android SDK
  2. Using the Paysafe REST API

These methods are described below.

Paysafe strongly recommends that you integrate using the Android SDK, when possible.

Option 1 – Integrate with the Paysafe Android SDK

Paysafe recommends this method for most merchants, because integrating with the Paysafe SDK simplifies the process. The following diagram illustrates the flow of how transactions work with the Paysafe Customer Vault API, making use of single-use tokens. A single-use token is used to process transactions just like any tokenized request sent from the merchant's server to the Paysafe Card Payments API.

Android SDK Integration

See integrating with the Paysafe Android SDK for more information.

Option 2 – Integrate Directly with the Paysafe REST APIs

When you integrate directly with the Paysafe REST APIs, you have to modify your merchant payment application and include additional code in order to make the API calls.

Android Rest API Integration

See Integrating with the Paysafe REST APIs for more information.

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