If you have or are developing a mobile app in which you wish your customers to make purchases directly, our Android SDK is the perfect solution for you. The Android SDK – when used together with the Paysafe server-side SDKs – makes it simple and easy to process payments from within your mobile app. Both traditional card payment and Android Pay payment methods are supported. The SDK helps collect order and payment data and then passes it securely to your server, from where the Paysafe server-side SDKs send the requests to the Paysafe payment platform.

This guide explains how to process payments with the Paysafe Android SDK, using Paysafe's REST-based APIs. Just follow these simple steps to start processing transactions in your app:

  1. Create a Test account in the Paysafe Developer Center, if you don't already have one.

  2. If you are processing Android Pay, make sure the Android Pay app is installed and use it to add a card before continuing.

  3. Get your two API keys.

  4. If you are going to process Android Pay transactions, get your Encryption Key from the Merchant Back Office, which is used for encrypting the payment bundle received from Android Pay.

  5. Download our Android SDK.
  6. Integrate your Android app and your servers using the Android and server-side SDKs.

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