Alternate Payment with Token

Paysafe Checkout currently supports the following Alternate Payment Methods (APM): Interac. For more details, see the Alternate Payments API.

Once you have received the APM single-use token from Paysafe Checkout, you can use it to make a payment using the Alternate Payments API.

If your transactions are in multiple currencies you need to consider how you will handle the multiple merchant accounts involved and select the correct one to use when taking payment.

At present, Paysafe supports the following currencies:
  • for Interac: CAD only

The payment endpoint uses the server-to-server API key. Do not use the Alternate Payments API from the client's web browser as this will expose this key.

Call the following Alternate Payments API endpoint from your server to make the payment:

POST /alternatepayments/v1/accounts/account_id/payments

Request Example
curl -X POST \
  -u test_username:B-qa2-0-59564dfa-0-302c021426a55dde98dc2a052cccc1ddc8daa776a7a4fe2e0214080388fded986767abc445e58af123c01003cb8b \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d ' {
	"merchantRefNum": "1537363109",
	"amount": 5000,
	"settleWithAuth": false,
	"returnLinks": [{
		"rel": "default",
		"href": ""
	"paymentType": "INTERAC",
	"paymentToken": "AP97U2uORetNQZaO"
} '

Prior to trying the example, you should:

  • Replace the account number (1001199750) in the URL with the Test account number you received from Paysafe for the APM provider.
  • Replace the API key user name and password (after the -u) with the Test API key you received from Paysafe.
  • Replace the payment type (INTERAC), if necessary, with the type of payment you are making; at present only Interac is supported.
  • Replace the payment token (AP97U2uORetNQZaO) with the Test token you obtained in the resultCallback method (in the case where you have set the environment parameter to TEST).

The APM Payment request contains the following parameters.

Element Type Description



This is the amount of the request, in minor units.



This is the merchant reference number created by the merchant and submitted as part of the request.
settleWithAuth boolean This indicates whether the request is an Authorization only (no Settlement). This must be set to false.
paymentType enum This specifies the type of payment. This must be set to the payment type from the supported providers list, i.e., INTERAC.
paymentToken string This is the payment token returned by Paysafe Checkout for the APM request.
All the parameters in the table above are mandatory for the APM Payment request.
Response Example
	"id": "0643c070-15c0-4218-8af1-1dc82b4f93fc",
	"merchantRefNum": "1537363109",
	"amount": 5000,
	"currencyCode": "CAD",
	"paymentType": "INTERAC",
	"settleWithAuth": false,
	"availableToSettle": 5000,
	"availableToRefund": 0,
	"txnTime": "2018-09-19T13:17:35Z",
	"status": "COMPLETED",
	"gatewayResponse": {
		"id": "d3188d9c-f81a-4958-8505-03764bf577f2"
		"processor": "INTERAC"
	"links": [{
		"rel": "self",
		"href": ""

The APM Payment response contains the following additional parameters.

Element Type Description
id string This is the unique ID for this APM payment.
currencyCode string This is the currency of the payment. Defaults to the account currency.
availableToSettle number This is the amount remaining to settle, in minor units.
availableToRefund number This is the amount remaining to refund, in minor units.
txnTime UTC formatted date

This is the date and time the transaction was processed.

E.g., 2017-12-11T16:33:49Z

status enum This is the status of the request.
gatewayResponse object These are the details returned from the external gateway.
links array of link objects This is an array of links related to the resource.
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